GrexIt - Simple Powerful Collaboration right from your Inbox

GrexIt provides a few small but powerful features for Google Apps e-mail users: the ability to assign e-mails to specific users, shared labels(!) and shared e-mail archives. The idea is to make it possible to use Gmail for task management and group collaboration. E-mail messages become tasks or projects, threads become comments. It’s easy to imagine it being used for help desks or customer service processes.

With GrexIt they have set out to solve one of those thorny business problems, making email useful across teams. We all seem to sink into email everyday pinging messages back and forth in an seemingly endless stream that always feels, well, less than productive. GrexIt is bringing the ease of use of file backup solutions like Sharefile,, and dropbox to email to get key knowledge out of inboxes.

The advantage of GrexIt lies in the fact that it's a shared knowledge base that can be accessed by as many members of the team as desired. Instead of wallowing in the depths of somebody's inbox, important details and ideas can be shared in one central location.

Think of Grexit as something like a collaborative email inbox, where you can keep tabs on what happens in a conversation. Whether it’s new information, new data or any other factor, it’s often times shared by email. Once you get an email, you will likely act on it and the file it away or delete it, but you probably won’t share it with the team.

One of the problems with conducting so much work communication via email is that a lot of useful conversation, information and knowledge ends up being locked away inside people’s inboxes, unavailable to the rest of the company. Even worse, if a person then leaves the company, that information may be lost forever. That’s the problem GrexIt is trying to solve with its new app, which is essentially a company-wide knowledge base for Google Apps that allows users to move specified discussions from their inboxes into a shared, searchable repository.